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The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy

"Sick Boy" Out Now: Directed by Brewer Follow The Chainsmokers:

This is not a video game, it’s survival

American teachers are learning how to survive school shootings with this realistic simulation. In the training, pupils get shot, run screaming from classrooms and try to avoid a gunman. FBI...


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China to promote trade relations with others by making a 'big cake'.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has addressed growing concerns of protectionism leading to a trade war. It comes as the US imposes new tariffs on solar cells and washing machines. Subscribe...

Plumber braves frigid temperatures and snow to repair broken water pipe

Heavy snow fell early Thursday morning in much of Henan Province in central China where a diligent plumber braved the frigid temperatures to repair a broken water pipe. He took off his clothes...

Boat climbs itself up the shore with metal ‘legs’

This boat can climb onto the shore and then back down again, thanks to its metallic “legs." The boat landing system, the MaxGate, allows it to climb onto the shore with legs that jump forward....


Man rescues entangled owl from barbed wire fence

Heartwarming footage shows a man rescuing an owl tangled in a barbed wire fence. The man cut the fence after wrapping the injured bird in towels and then took it to a local rehab center for...

Death Race Log Chop Training

Created on May 4, 2011 using FlipShare.

Legal marijuana creates a hiring headache

In 2015, the marijuana industry in the U.S. state of Colorado employed more than 18-thousand people.But while legalizing pot has created jobs, it's also preventing people from getting them…in...

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